It appears as though there is a significant push by major label record company's to recapture the glory times of days gone bye. Not even trying to pretend they are trying to find a new, permanent solution to the crisis of selling music content to the public anymore it seems that they have just relented and decided to seek to engage with small independent companies who are selling minor but consistent amounts of product during a time that the public "just ain't having it". Enacted a paradigm shift once again and decided to completely dominate whatever semblance of terrestrial radio has the guts to stand out and make bold announcements about being the number one station wherever they're at or wherever they're from. How do they rate that? Is there some fancy new Arbitron-type service device out there weighting radio stations again? How do they quantify and qualify them Well ASCAP, BMI and SEASAC try to begin taking advantage of a much needed service like this if it is any shadow of it's former self while infusing new technology into the mix? I have but a few simple questions:

a) Can you tell me WHO is actually selling music and making any kind of substantial profit? Not "double-speak", Monica Lewinsky-style but in actuality?

b) How many? Actual, confirmed, physical numbers.

c) Can you "show me the money"? Can you show ANYBODY the money?

It all sounds a bit dubious at best and I'm really getting tired of hearing the same 6 or 7 songs over and over all day or songs from 25 years ago being presented in a format as if they are hits of today and were just recorded a couple of days ago. If you're going to stick it to the public please consider using grease and not sandpaper. Thank you very much!

Kenny Beck

Terrestrial radio forces unite!

It appears to be crumbling before our very eyes.

I stepped into a McDonald's today for a spot of breakfast. I couldn't help but notice a marked difference in the atmosphere there.

At first, I couldn't quite put my finger on it at first, but as I got more into the deluxe thing it dawned on me there was a distinct change in the format of music they had been inundating us with.

"What? Could I be hearing things?" Did they actually have a "talking-head", back on the dial, chatting up the audience?

Culture shock! According to satellite radio pundits, "Chatty Kathy dee jays were killing radio and satellite needed to bring about sweeping change to the landscape."

Be careful "organic content" purveyors. This may represent the other side of the "double edged sword", traditional ol' marketeers may have been hinting (when the switch was being made from sales to "organic search content".


Terrestrial radio was never the problem, in spite of having to many over talkative, nothing to say jocks.

Fat cats with "two much scratch" was.

No economic impact study on how instituting such a losing cause as satellite radio would effect the many once employed, now unemployed support personnel, who were unceremoniously given the old "heave-ho".

I guess satellite is backing off that talk and trying to save their sorry asses (What were you thinking giving "Howard a half a billion dollars?????).

Improving broadcast technical quality is one thing but screwing with, bot enhancing a formula that continues to still work today was just shear greed and stupidity.

Jocks, dee jay's unite . It's time to reclaim your thrones in the wake of all this chicanery and tomfoolery.

"Step into the bad side ; ) " and join us in creating a coup' to once again take over the mantel of terrestrial radio. The only difference, this time radio will be much leaner, much meaner!

See you on the flip side...

Internet broadcasters, stations, support staff... join the fray too! Open your big mouth and let your voice be heard and your heart be recognized!

Sign up and join us at: http://supersc1.ning.com today!