Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Is the status of terrestrial radio still languishing in the depths of darkness waiting for that last death knell signaling its final demise. It's hard to say really. There always sees to be some effort on the horizon by some nostalgic fan who thinks there is still great merit in what can be accomplished with it. Satellite has proven to be none to popular as was expected so where do we turn from here. Is a new combination hybrid Internet/ terrestrial radio configuration in the mix for the near future? Only time will tell but there is certainly a need for some kind of localized neighborhood "barker" to keep things fresh and crackling while the commanders of community media decide if they are willing to downsize their reach and scope of the vision they seemingly once had for all the possibilities of the potential "cloud radio".

Terrestrial radio forces unite!

It appears to be crumbling before our very eyes.

I stepped into a McDonald's today for a spot of breakfast. I couldn't help but notice a marked difference in the atmosphere there.

At first, I couldn't quite put my finger on it at first, but as I got more into the deluxe thing it dawned on me there was a distinct change in the format of music they had been inundating us with.

"What? Could I be hearing things?" Did they actually have a "talking-head", back on the dial, chatting up the audience?

Culture shock! According to satellite radio pundits, "Chatty Kathy dee jays were killing radio and satellite needed to bring about sweeping change to the landscape."

Be careful "organic content" purveyors. This may represent the other side of the "double edged sword", traditional ol' marketeers may have been hinting (when the switch was being made from sales to "organic search content".


Terrestrial radio was never the problem, in spite of having to many over talkative, nothing to say jocks.

Fat cats with "two much scratch" was.

No economic impact study on how instituting such a losing cause as satellite radio would effect the many once employed, now unemployed support personnel, who were unceremoniously given the old "heave-ho".

I guess satellite is backing off that talk and trying to save their sorry asses (What were you thinking giving "Howard a half a billion dollars?????).

Improving broadcast technical quality is one thing but screwing with, bot enhancing a formula that continues to still work today was just shear greed and stupidity.

Jocks, dee jay's unite . It's time to reclaim your thrones in the wake of all this chicanery and tomfoolery.

"Step into the bad side ; ) " and join us in creating a coup' to once again take over the mantel of terrestrial radio. The only difference, this time radio will be much leaner, much meaner!

See you on the flip side...

Internet broadcasters, stations, support staff... join the fray too! Open your big mouth and let your voice be heard and your heart be recognized!

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